Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sherri's Helpful Hints


Plastic Container Odors - We all know what happens when we store something that has a strong smell in a 
plastic container.  The smell is really hard to get out and if it is somewhat greasy, it's even worse.  I have found a solution that helps.  Put plastic wrap or foil in the plastic container and put your food inside that.  There is no stain (like from spaghetti sauce) or greasy feel, or strong odor; problem solved.

Hiccups - This is one that people always ask me about and I try to post it more often than the others; a cure for hiccups.  Hiccups are caused by gas being trapped in the diaphragm.  The best cure for them, is to drink something carbonated.  Once you burp, your hiccups are gone.  It's so easy, you wonder why more people don't know how to really get rid of them.

Trash Odors - There are some things that you just can't do too much about; but, you can help minimize them.  Before you throw away food cans, run water inside them and swish around a little to get the last remaining bit out.  This is something that I have done for a long time now and it really helps keep the smell to a minimum.

Extra Freezer Space - Sometimes we get refrigerator/freezers that have great shelving and you have more space than you know what to do with.  For those units that are lacking, here is a little hint that I use myself.  Buy one or two of the wire shelves that are coated and have the little rubber feet.  You can use a smaller shelf or a larger one depending on your needs.  They have worked out really well and make the most of my freezer space.

Flower Arrangements - Instead of using the styrofoam cones for flower vases, you can use small gravel that is designed for fish tanks.  The gravel holds the arrangement in place perfectly and there are many different colors to choose from.  I have a rose colored vase that has white gravel in it and it looks really beautiful.

Peppermint Tea - If you like peppermint tea like I do, here is a simple way to make it without paying a fortune.  Make whatever type of tea you like (have it really hot) and put in 1-2 small round peppermint candies in a large mug of hot tea.  You will need to add a little sugar if you like it sweet and give it a good stir to melt the peppermint.  I made this so often one year that I had bronchitis, and it was very soothing.  The peppermint oil in the candy just seems to open up the sinuses and soothe the throat as well.

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