Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feline Physics

I have had cats all of my life and I cannot imagine not having one.  This really speaks to me; over the years, we have had great cats and some like these:

Law of Cat Inertia
A cat at rest will tend to remain at rest, unless acted upon by some outside force - such as the opening of cat food, or a nearby scurrying mouse.
Law of Cat Motion
A cat will move in a straight line, unless there is a really good reason to change direction.
Law of Cat Magnetism
All blue blazers and black sweaters attract cat hair in direct proportion to the darkness of the fabric.
Law of Cat Thermodynamics
Heat flows from a warmer to a cooler body, except in the case of a cat, in which case all heat flows to the cat.
Law of Cat Stretching
A cat will stretch to a distance proportional to the length of the nap just taken.
Law of Cat Sleeping
All cats must sleep with people whenever possible, in a position as uncomfortable for the people involved, and as comfortable as possible for the cat.
Law of Cat Elongation
A cat can make her body long enough to reach just about any counter top that has anything remotely interesting on it.
Law of Cat Obstruction
A cat must lie on the floor in such a position to obstruct the maximum amount of human foot traffic.
Law of Cat Acceleration
A cat will accelerate at a constant rate, until he gets good and ready to stop.
Law of Dinner Table Attendance
Cats must attend all meals when anything good is served.
Law of Rug Configuration
No rug may remain in its naturally flat state for very long.
Law of Obedience Resistance
A cat's resistance varies in proportion to a human's desire for her to do something.
First Law of Energy Conservation
Cats know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and will, therefore, use as little energy as possible.
Second Law of Energy Conservation
Cats also know that energy can only be stored by a lot of napping.
Law of Refrigerator Observation
If a cat watches a refrigerator long enough, someone will come along and take out something good to eat.
Law of Electric Blanket Attraction
Turn on an electric blanket and a cat will jump into bed at the speed of light.
Law of Random Comfort Seeking
A cat will always seek, and usually take over, the most comfortable spot in any given room.
Law of Bag/Box Occupancy
All bags and boxes in a given room must contain a cat within the earliest possible nanosecond.
Law of Cat Embarrassment
A cat's irritation rises in direct proportion to her embarrassment times the amount of human laughter.
Law of Milk Consumption
A cat will drink his weight in milk, squared, just to show you he can.
Law of Furniture Replacement
A cat's desire to scratch furniture is directly proportional to the cost of the furniture.
Law of Cat Landing
A cat will always land in the softest place possible; often the mid-section of an unsuspecting, reclining human.
Law of Fluid Displacement
A cat immersed in milk will displace her own volume, minus the amount of milk consumed.
Law of Cat Disinterest
A cat's interest level will vary in inverse proportion to the amount of effort a human expends in trying to interest him.
Law of Pill Rejection
Any pill given to a cat has the potential energy to reach escape velocity.
Law of Cat Composition
A cat is composed of Matter + Anti-Matter + It Doesn't Matter.

Funny Cat Sayings

  • There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast.
  • I got rid of my husband. The cat was allergic.
  • Never feed your cat anything that doesn't match the carpet.
  • Cat's motto: "No matter what you've done wrong, always try to make it look as if the dog did it."
  • Dogs have owners, cats have staff.
  • You know when people see a cat's litter box, they always say, "Oh, have you got a cat?" Just once I want to say, "No, it's for company!"
  • "Humans: No fur, no paws, no tail. They run away from mice. They never get enough sleep. How can you help but love such an absurd animal?" Anonymous cat about humans
  • Anything on the ground is a cat toy. Anything not there yet, will be.
  • For a man to truly understand rejection, he must first be ignored by a cat.
  • Cats are like potato chips. You can never have just one.
  • These aren't my thoughts, they're my cat walking on the keyboard.
  • Everyone knows cats are on a higher level of existence. These silly humans are just too big-headed to admit their inferiority.
  • Cats are better than any vice. They're not fattening, dangerous, or expensive. However, they can be addictive.
  • I have noticed that what cats most appreciate in a human being is not the ability to produce food which they take for granted, but his or her entertainment value.
  • Some people have cats and go on to lead normal lives.
  • Most of the above-mentioned sayings have an unknown origin.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little by Little

I know it has been a couple of months since my last post and I am really glad to be back.  I appreciate all of the e-mails, well wishes and prayers from so many of you.  It will be 6 months since my surgery on May 1st, so I am basically healed inside.  I took my pain medication regularly for a couple of months following surgery, but now I am tapering way off.  I didn't exactly realize just how much it helped until the last couple of months.  On the one hand, you have medication that can help your pain tremendously, but can wreck your liver and other organs; on the other hand, with very little medication, the pain is just awful.  Although the surgery for the prolapse and adhesions was a success for those problems, I still have the fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis and osteoarthritis.  I was just really hoping that a significant amount of pain would be gone, and some of it is, but it is totally in God's hands.  He can heal me from this in a heartbeat, or it may be a witness down the road as to how much I had to endure and how He has completely delivered me of it.  I never question anything, because there is usually a reason that things happen.  Sometimes, you may be in a situation to help someone that is going through the same thing; you just never know how God will use you.

One thing I did want to mention to you about interstitial cystitis, is that there is a procedure that is very successful in treating the overactive bladder symptom of IC called Sacral Neuromodulation.  I have had this procedure and it does help; I went from 10 trips to the bathroom at night to just 1 or 2.   Sacral neuromodulation works with the sacral nerves, located near the tailbone.  The sacral nerves control the bladder and muscles related to urinary function.  If the brain and sacral nerves are miscommunicating, the nerves can't tell the bladder to function correctly.  Interstim Therapy modulates the sacral nerves with mild electrical pulses that help the brain and nerves to better communicate so that the bladder and muscles involved, can work correctly.  Your Urologist can determine if you're a good candidate for the implant and will let you have a one week trial, gathering information during this trial to determine if a permanent device would benefit you.   For more information on the Interstim device, click here.