Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little by Little

I know it has been a couple of months since my last post and I am really glad to be back.  I appreciate all of the e-mails, well wishes and prayers from so many of you.  It will be 6 months since my surgery on May 1st, so I am basically healed inside.  I took my pain medication regularly for a couple of months following surgery, but now I am tapering way off.  I didn't exactly realize just how much it helped until the last couple of months.  On the one hand, you have medication that can help your pain tremendously, but can wreck your liver and other organs; on the other hand, with very little medication, the pain is just awful.  Although the surgery for the prolapse and adhesions was a success for those problems, I still have the fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis and osteoarthritis.  I was just really hoping that a significant amount of pain would be gone, and some of it is, but it is totally in God's hands.  He can heal me from this in a heartbeat, or it may be a witness down the road as to how much I had to endure and how He has completely delivered me of it.  I never question anything, because there is usually a reason that things happen.  Sometimes, you may be in a situation to help someone that is going through the same thing; you just never know how God will use you.

One thing I did want to mention to you about interstitial cystitis, is that there is a procedure that is very successful in treating the overactive bladder symptom of IC called Sacral Neuromodulation.  I have had this procedure and it does help; I went from 10 trips to the bathroom at night to just 1 or 2.   Sacral neuromodulation works with the sacral nerves, located near the tailbone.  The sacral nerves control the bladder and muscles related to urinary function.  If the brain and sacral nerves are miscommunicating, the nerves can't tell the bladder to function correctly.  Interstim Therapy modulates the sacral nerves with mild electrical pulses that help the brain and nerves to better communicate so that the bladder and muscles involved, can work correctly.  Your Urologist can determine if you're a good candidate for the implant and will let you have a one week trial, gathering information during this trial to determine if a permanent device would benefit you.   For more information on the Interstim device, click here.

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