Saturday, November 26, 2011

Murphy's Law - AGAIN!

I'm glad I have a really good sense of humor and can often find comic relief in some situations.  On Monday the 21st, I went to my doctor for my post-op check; it went really well.  I am healing just as I should be and my doctor's assistant said that she hasn't seen me smile so much in months.  I felt so much better and was happy to hear that everything is healing even better than the doctor expected.

My husband wanted to take us out to eat after the doctor's appointment and we went to a chinese restaurant for the lunch buffet.  Our daughter wanted to go to the one that we used to go to when I was pregnant with her; so we went to that restaurant (not our usual).  Later that night, my husband started vomiting and had really bad diahrrea; I had a little vomiting, but nothing substantial.  Our daughter seemed unaffected, which I was really thankful for.  On Tuesday afternoon, I could not stop vomiting and had really bad stomach pain; by this time, our daughter was also starting to show signs of being sick.  Needless to say, we all were very sick and could not get out of bed for a few days.  My husband missed 3 days of work and just started feeling better last night; our daughter is feeling much better (2 years of nursing does a lot for the child's  immune system) and I am still feeling a little bit nauseous.  With the surgery and being anemic, it may take a couple of days before I feel back to normal.

A WORD OF ADVICE - before going to a restaurant (doesn't matter if you have been there several times or if it is a popular restaurant), CHECK THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT SCORE.  The restaurant we went to has 4 locations in the city and every single location has had numerous demerits with problems ranging from meat being kept at an unsafe temperature to toxic substances being improperly labeled.  This was really an eye opener for us; learn from our mistake and do your homework - it may save you from getting sick.

Oh, by the way - being that we were sick this week, we didn't get to have our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  We were all really looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving.   I love to cook and entertain (the more people, the better).  We will just have to wait a few days and have our Thanksgiving feast then.  I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving; it is such a great time for family and sharing our blessings.  Take care everyone and may you be richly blessed this holiday season.



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