Monday, November 21, 2011

On the Mend

The surgery went really well and they not only repaired the cystocele (bladder prolapse), and the enterocele (small bowel prolapse), but also found a lot of adhesions (scar tissue) that they freed up.  This was by far the hardest surgery I have gone through to date.  They had to open me up, which was necessary because of the amount of surgery that was required, but the healing time is 6 to 8 weeks.

The hardest part is being apart from my husband and daughter; although they did come out every day.  I felt bad for my husband on my second day there, because my oxygen saturation was low and they had oxygen hooked up to me; he looked like his heart sank because he came in while I was talking to one of my doctors and didn't know what was going on.

Usually after surgery, they give you medication that is really strong and makes you want to sleep most of the time; not this time.  They couldn't find anything that really helped the pain.  My doctor had the anesthesiologist come in and they did an epidural (which I had when I was in labor with my daughter, and they are wonderful), unfortunately, the doctor had spinal fluid coming out a little bit and that causes what they call a "spinal headache".  Believe me, you do not every want this type of headache, it is really horrible.  They lay you flat, which helps a little, but you have to have a "blood patch" done.  They take blood from your arm and inject the blood into the back injection site.  After a few hours, you can tell a little difference.

It was rocky at first, but I feel so much better now and everyone is telling me how good I look.  My husband said that it was the first time he had seen me smile without pain for a very long time.  It will take a few weeks, but I should be almost as good as new.  I am very thankful to the Lord for bringing me through this and helping me to get back to my old self' it has been a long time.  Never take your health for granted, it can slip away very quickly sometimes.  

I still have fibromyalgia and arthritis, but at least most of the abdominal and pelvic issues are addressed and healing.  I am anxious to be able to be more active and not have so much pain dragging me down and making me feel horrible all the time.  I might not be able to run, but I am going to give it my best effort to walk with a little more pep in my step, so-to-speak.

Thank you so much for your prayers; they help more than you could ever know.  The power of prayer is a wonderful thing; I have been through a lot in my life and the Lord has always been there for me.  I tell my daughter that God always hears our prayers; but sometimes the answer may be "no" or "wait".  She also knows that He gives me the strength to deal with pain and whatever else comes my way.  She is a very faithful little girl and prays for others and their needs.  I am thankful for such a faithful family who loves each other and helps each other.

May God richly bless each of you and yours,


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