Monday, August 20, 2012

Text Message Codes that Kids Don't Want Their Parents to Know

We see our children texting at 90 mph and wonder how they can be doing that while watching television and talking on the phone at the same time; well, there is more to it than just saying "What's up"?  There are codes that the kids use for when their parents are in the room (or even standing over their shoulder), so the sender doesn't share anything the parent would disapprove of.  Here are some of the "codes" they use:

2H2H         Too hot to handle
2M2H        Too much to handle
99              Parent has left
420            Let's get high/marijuana
A3             Anytime, anywhere, any place
ACE          Marijuana cigarette
AITR          Adult in the room
ASL           Age/sex/location
ASLP        Age/sex/location/picture
AWT         At what time
B/G           Background (personal information request)
BGWM      Be gentle with me
BIH           Burn in H***
BTYCL      Booty call
CD9          Code 9 meaning "parents are around"
CICYHW   Can I copy your homework
CT            Can't talk
CTN          Can't talk now
CUIMD      See you in my dreams
D46?         Down for s_x?
DM            Do me
DOC          Drug of choice
DYFM        Dude, you fascinate me
E               Ecstasy (the drug)
ED             Erase display
ES             Erase screen
ESAD        Eat s... and die
EZ             Easy
FB             Facebook
FBFR         Facebook friend
FML         "F" my life
FOAD       "F" off and die
FU            "F" you
FWB          Friend with benefits
FYEO        For your eyes only
GGOH       Gotta get outta here
GGMSOT  Gotta get me some of that
GIRL         Guy in real life
GTFO        Get the "F" out
HUYA        Head up your butt
ICEDI         I can't even discuss it
IMEZRU     I am easy, are you?
IWAWO     I want a way out
IGHT          I got high tonight
IWSN         I want s_x now
JDI            Just do it
KFY           Kiss for you
KMA          Kiss my ...
KPC          Keeping parents clueless
LGH           Let's get high
LH6            Let's have s_x!
LHSX         "
LIK             meaning "liquor"
LMIRL        Let's meet in real life
MBS          Mom behind shoulder
MLM          meaning give the middle finger
MOS          Mom over shoulder
NIFOC        Naked in front of computer
NWO          No way out
OB             Oh baby!
P911          Parents coming into room alert
PA             Parent alert
PAQ          Parents are watching
PBB          Parent behind back
PIR            Parent in room
POS          Parent over shoulder
PRON        meaning pornography
PRT           Party
PRW          People/parents are watching
PSOS        Parents standing over shoulder
RYO          Roll your own
S2R          Send to receive
SOS          Someone over shoulder
SOWM      Someone is with me
SPST        Same place, same time
TD2M        Talk dirty to me
TDTM         "
URH          You are hot
WAN2       Want to?
WYCM      Will you call me?
YBS          You'll be sorry!
YHBW       You have been warned!

There are a lot more of these, parents, and these are the ones that I could actually put on my site without getting really graphic.  There are more codes out there that you need to know; some of these are extremely graphic and touch on many different aspects of human relationships (that's the nicest way I can put it).  

If you want to find out more about the other codes, click here  to go to the Better Parenting Institute's site.

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