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Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke in Children

During hot, humid weather, the body's internal temperature can rise and can result in heat exhaustion and heatstoke. If not quickly treated, heat exhaustion can progress to heatstoke, which requires emergency medical care and can be fatal.

Signs and Symptoms:

Heat Exhaustion:
Severe thirst
Muscle weakness
Nausea, sometimes vomiting
Fast, shallow breathing
Increased sweating
Cool, clammy skin
Elevation of body temperature to 105 degrees F

Severe, throbbing headache
Weakness, dizziness or confusion
Difficulty breathing
Decreased responsiveness or loss of consciousness
Little or no sweating
Flushed, hot, dry skin
Elevation of body temperature to 105 degrees F or higher

What to Do:

If the child has a temperature of 105 degrees F or higher, or shows signs or symptoms of heatstroke, seek emergency medical care immediately. In cases of heat exhaustion and whie awaiting help for a child with possible heatstroke:

1. Bring the child indoors or into the shade immediately.
2. Undress the child.
3. Have the child lie down; elevate feet slightly.
4. If the child is alert, place in cool (not cold) bath water, or sponge bathe the child repeatedly. If outside, spray the child with a garden hose.
5. If the child is alert, give frequent sips of cool, clear fluids (clear juices or sports drinks are best).
6. If the child is vomiting, turn his or her body to the side to prevent choking.
7. Monitor the child's temperature.

Think Prevention!

Teach children to always drink plenty of fluids before and during any activity in hot, sunny weather - even if they aren't thirsty. Make sure kids wear light-colored loose clothing and only participate in heavy activity outdoors before noon or after 6 PM. Teach children to come indoors immediately whenever they feel overheated.

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