Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sherri's Poetry

The Lord is there for us at every moment. He is there to rejoice with us in our good times and He is there to comfort us during our stressful times. He is always faithful and true; just trust Him.

Trust Him

There are many people who have no future;
They put their faith in what money can buy.
Success is measured by their many possessions;
The life they live is a tragic lie.

Christian parents were not there to influence them.
No one taught them of Your love.
When everything goes wrong, they have nowhere to turn;
Their problems they cannot rise above.

If only someone could teach them to pray;
To ask for Your forgiveness and love,
They would call upon Your name in their time of crisis,
Praying to their Father above.

Your love is the most precious gift that we have;
We could never ask for anything more.
It is unconditional and will be forever true.
There will be many rich blessings in store.

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