Monday, June 04, 2007

Sherri's Helpful Hints

Surprising Items for Household Cleaning

Deodorize Shoes with Dryer Sheets

Original Purpose: Softening clothes and reducing static cling.
Use: Refreshing smelly shoes and sneakers. Put half a scented Bounce sheet in each shoe.
Reward: Shoes that smell April fresh.

Remove Adhesive with Oil

Original Purpose: Frying and baking.
Use: Removing adhesive from glass. Apply cooking oil to the sticker using a paper towel or a soft cloth, rub firmly, then rinse with warm, soapy water. (If the adhesive is stubborn, use a dab of toothpaste along with the oil.)
Reward: Getting all the stickers off your glass products without buying the expensive preps.

Car Wax as Fixture Polish

Original Purpose: Giving your car a beautiful shine.
Use: Polishing faucets, sinks, tile, even shower doors. Turtle Wax leaves behind a protective barrier against water and soap buildup, so your hard-earned sparkle will last past the next tooth-brushing.
Reward: A gleaming bathroom.

Deodorize Food Containers with Newspaper

Original Purpose: Information source.
Use: Food-container deodorizer. Stuff a balled-up piece of newspaper into a plastic container, seal it, and let sit overnight. By morning the paper will have absorbed lingering food smells.

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