Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sherri's Helpful Hints

More Beautiful Crafts

Paper Napkin Rose craft
Open the layer of the napkin out and fold the top edge down about two inches. Catch the fold between the index and middle finger approximately 1 inch from the end. Wrap the napkin around the index and middle finger so that the folded down portion stays on the inside.

Keep wrapping the napkin around the index and middle fingers until it is completely wrapped around the two fingers. Wrap securely but not too tightly.

After you have completely wrapped the napkin around the two fingers, index and middle, pinch the napkin together with your opposite hand. While the two fingers are still in the napkin, give the spot at which you have pinched the napkin a firm twist or two. You can remove the fingers from the wrapped napkin at this point. The cup shaped upper portion is the rose bud and the lower portion is the stem and leaf. Continue to twist the napkin downward from the point at which you pinched below the twist. Twist firmly and evenly to about half way down the lower portion of the napkin.

After you have twisted the stem about half way down, hold the twist securely with one hand and with the other hand, find the lower outside corner of the napkin. Work the corner loose and gently pull the corner up to the twisted portion to form a leaf. Pinch securely at the leaf and continue to twist the remainder of the napkin securely and firmly. When you reach the end of the napkin with the twisting, the rose is just about complete.

Your rose is ready for the finishing touches. Hold the rose securely at the base where the flower joins the twisted stem. Reach into the center of the flower and pinch the center with two fingers and give a twist in the direction of the turns. This will separate the layers slightly and give a pretty effect to the center of the flower. Gently position the leaf, and the rose is ready.

Teacup Candle craft
Single teacup sets (cup and saucer) can be found at flea markets and yard sales.

1 cup and saucer
1 votive candle
1 or more blocks paraffin (or candle stubs from old candles)
Double boiler

Put the votive candle in center bottom of cup. If the candle is taller than the rim of the cup, use the knife to trim away extra wax from the bottom of the candle.

Melt one block of paraffin in top of double boiler. Carefully pour melted wax into cup, allowing wax to surround but not cover candle. Melt more paraffin is more wax is needed. Straighten the wick if necessary. Let wax harden. Place cup on saucer.

To give as a gift, set the cup and saucer on plastic wrap or cellophane. Gather at the top of the cup, and tie with a raffia bow.

Victorian Teacup Topiary craft
1 small Styrofoam block or green florist clay
1 (3-inch) Styrofoam ball
1 small bunch silk babies breath sprigs
1 large bag dried or fake baby rosebuds in color of your choice
1 teacup
1 matching saucer, if desired
1 cinnamon stick
1 1/2 yards (1/16-inch wide) double faced satin ribbon (in a complimentary color to the teacup and the rosebuds)
A little Spanish moss
1 1/2 yards (1/2-inch wide) ecru lace
Glue gun and glue sticks

Make sure the cup is clean and dry. Cut Styrofoam or clay block to just larger than the rim of the cup so that it fits snugly in the bottom of the cup.

Poke the cinnamon stick about 1 1/2 inches into the center of the Styrofoam ball. Remove cinnamon stick and place a small amount of glue on the end of it and reinsert it to secure.

Put a small amount of glue on a rosebud and press into Styrofoam ball, beginning at top. Cover entire ball with rosebuds in this manner by going in a circular direction around ball to base. Place small sprigs of babies breath between rosebuds to fill in spaces, using a small amount of glue to secure each one.

Place the open end of the cinnamon stick into the center of the Styrofoam block or florist's clay in cup and secure with glue. Cover clay or block with Spanish moss to just above the rim of the cup. Use a little glue to secure the moss to the clay or block.

Use the ribbon to make looped bows and glue to the cup.

If you are using a saucer, you glue the cup to the saucer and place leftover rosebuds and babies breath sprigs around base of cup.

Waxed Flowers craft
Fresh flowers
Paraffin wax
Wax paper
Candle scent

Tie the stems of the flowers together with a rubber band and use a clothespin to hang them from a wire clothes hanger. Hang flowers upside down in a dark place (closet), until they are dried.

After the flowers are completely dry, melt paraffin wax in a slow cooker or double boiler. Add candle scent to the melted wax. Hold flowers gently just inside the pot of melted wax and use a ladle or large spoon to pour wax over the flowers. When they are completely covered with wax, remove them from the pot and let dry on a sheet of wax paper.

Display waxed flowers in a vase or add to a flower arrangement.

Decorated Glass Plates craft
Buy clear glass plates. Flip over and clean the back with Windex or good cleaner.

Use magazines, decoupage paper, wrapping paper etc. Cut to fit center or cut out shapes. Using decoupage glue or reverse decoupage glue, put on a smooth fine coat. Lay picture down and smooth out rubbing from inside to outer edges. Let dry.

Apply another coat of glue, making sure the edges have glue so the paint will not bleed through your pictures. You may want to add more than one coat. Let dry.

Either spray paint the back or hand paint. Use Wal-Mart brand spray paint if they have the color you need. Let dry between coats. Use a sweeping motion when spray painting to keep from running. It takes about 4 to 6 light coats to cover well.

These are NOT dishwasher safe, but can be washed off.

Courtesy of Recipe Goldmine

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