Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sherri's Helpful Hints

Home Crafts

Bed Canopies craft
Muslin (cream or white)
4 large dowel rods
PVC elbows

Use PVC elbows to make a rectangle that is slightly larger than your bed. Paint or stain the dowel rods to match decor. Hang the rods from the ceiling at each corner and drape the muslin onto the rods. Alternatively, you can see loops at the top and put the fabric on before hanging the frame.

You can stencil or dye the muslin however you want. You can also make matching tiebacks for the "four posters" or use raffia and silk flowers for the tiebacks.

Ironing Board Bridesmaid craft
This is super for a wedding shower!

Ironing board
Full apron
Rubber gloves
2 tiny tart pans
Dust mop
2 wooden spoons
Quiche pan
2 small round soaps
Bath beads
Mesh laundry bag
Fake string of pearls
Assorted brushes and sponges with handles

Lay ironing board, business side down, flat on a table. Using wire, attach dust mop to back of board, with mop (hair) at the narrow end of the board. Turn the board over and tie apron around it, ending with strings hanging in front. Attach wooden spoon (arms) to ironing board cover with wire. Poke wire through cover and twist around spoons.

Stuff gloves with tissue and place one over the end of each spoon. Use pins to fasten gloves to apron.

Attach quiche pan (face) by tightly wrapping wire from side to side around back of ironing board and under dust mop (hair). Use Handi-tak to secure tart pans (eyes) to face, for soap inside each (eye), to secure cork (nose) and bath bead (mouth).

Make bouquet of brushes and tie with ribbon. Secure bouquet with rubber bands. Attach bouquet to front of doll, using apron strings to hold.

Place laundry bag on mop as veil, and add fake pearls under head.

Super Easy Denim Quilt craft
Old denim jeans or new denim fabric
Old flannel shirts or new plaid flannels or polar fleece scraps

Cut old denim jeans or purchased denim fabric into 7-inch squares (or any size you want).

Cut flannel shirts (or whatever you are using) into 7-inch squares, cutting out the same number as denim squares you have.

Place one denim and one flannel square together with the wrong sides to the middle.

Sew two blocks together with the flannel pieces facing each other, using 1/4 or 1/2-inch seams. Raw seam is on the denim or right side.

When quilt is complete, snip denim seams a little bit and then run through the washer and dryer. Seams will fray like the bottom of cut jeans and the flannel color will show up in the seams to add color to the denim or right side.

Add a row of stitching around the outside of the entire quilt for stability after washing or bind the quilt in the traditional way with a contrasting print, striped denim or duck fabric.

You can make this quilt any size just by the number of blocks you use.

You can always add rows later if you find you want to make the quilt a little larger.

Mason Jar Oil Lamp craft
Pint canning jar and lid
Lamp oil
Candle wick
Pre-assembled wick and ball
Punch or screwdriver

Punch hole in center of lid. Bring wick up through hole. Secure wick with washer on underside of lid.

Fill jar with potpourri. Add lamp oil. Tie a ribbon bow around neck of jar. Cut the ribbon very short so it is not near the flame. DO NOT USE RAFFIA.

Courtesy of Recipe Goldmine

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