Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Taco Bell Hoax

I received this e-mail from the Director of Public Relations at Taco Bell:

Hi Sherri,

I work for Taco Bell and want to let you and your readers know that it's a hoax that June 5, 2007 is “free taco day." The promotion, which claims to be in conjunction with the American Red Cross, is completely false. We apologize to our customers for any confusion this may have caused. Although this offer is just a rumor, we encourage our customers to donate to the American Red Cross at 1-800- RED-CROSS or at redcross.org.

Rob Poetsch
Taco Bell Corp.

I told Rob that I would post this because of the enormity of the hoax. It is on just about every site I gather freebies from. Sorry for the confusion, but Taco Bell is a great place to eat, so how about Taco Bell for lunch or dinner?

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