Friday, April 20, 2007

FREEBIES of the Day - 4/20/07

African Gold coffee sample. They have several to choose from and they allow you to list your first and second choices. To get a sample of exotic African Gold coffee, click here!

Folger's Gourmet Selections Coffee sample. This offer is still around, so if you haven't taken advantage of it - here's your chance. The Lively Colombian is the only flavor they have in stock right now, they are out of the Vanilla Biscotti (if you ask me, the Lively Colombian is better anyway). To get your free sample of Folger's Gourmet Selections coffee, click here!

Olay Regenerist Eye Derma-Pod sample. This regenerates surface cells revealing younger-looking skin, decreases puffiness by reducing excess under-eye fluids and has microspheres to help fill creases, making a smoother appearance. To get this phenomenal product to decrease the signs of aging around your eyes, click here!

Good Thymes Bath & Body samples. They do have samples of their soaps, lotion and body cream available. The link takes you to the products page, where you can select the sample(s) you would like to receive. Once you have made your selection, go to the bottom of the page and click on contact us - this is an e-mail request, but they are good about getting the product out in a reasonable amount of time. To get your free bath & body samples, click here!

Snuggle Exhilirations Fabric Softener sample. This is enough for 2 loads and they have so many fragrances - most of them sound wonderful. To get a sample of wonderfully scented fabric softener, click here!

Free gift for Mother's Day. Wal-Mart has new American Greetings card designs and if you stop by on May 5, you will get a free gift in celebration of Mother's Day. For more info, click here!

Zostrix Arthritis Pain Relieving Gel sample. This is for those achy joints from arthritis or just from over exhiliration. To get a sample that will help your arthritis or joint pain, click here!

MJ's Fragrant Oils free gift. Just fill out the survey (few questions on products you use) and they will send you a free gift. To get your free gift from MJ's Fragrant Oils, click here!

Crownies sugar-free cookies sample. These look really good and they aren't just for diabetics or people trying to lose weight - sometimes sugar free is just good for a change. To get your free sample of Crownies, click here!

Lift-Off Energy Drink sample. This contains beneficial levels of herbal ingredients and vitamins. You have ginseng - to deal with stress, ginko biloba - to help your memory, taurine - an amino acid for eye and brain health, caffeine - for that burst of energy you need and guarana - a phytonutrient that helps support stamina. This is a powdered product, so just add water and you're ready to go. To get your herbal energy drink sample, click here!

Vibe Liquid Nutrition sample. This has antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help keep you healthier. To get this nutritional supplement sample, click here!

Software giveaway of the day - Features a different title every day. These are about $20.00 regular price, so what a deal!. For your free software, click here!

Game giveaway of the day - Features a different game every day. They have arcade, puzzle and action games. For your free game, click here!

Home Depot Garden Club Welcome Kit. This is really great - they give you regional reports, tips & tricks, coupons, national news, exclusive offers and more. You do need to sign up for one newsletter - being an exclusive e-mail recipient, you get so many more offers. They don't inundate your e-mail either, you just get really great advice and savings to help your garden look lovely. To get this great free kit, click here!

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