Wednesday, May 16, 2007

FREEBIES of the Day - 5/16/07

Waxaway Hair Remover Strips. They will send you a trial pack of ready to use strips. They contain a salon strength formula and are pre-waxed, so they are really convenient. Each kit contains 2 body strips and 2 facial strips. They are located in the U.K., but from what I hear, they do send the samples out to the U.S. To get your free waxing kit, click here!

Adora Calcium samples, coupons and other specials. Join their circle of health and receive free offers, info, specials, news, samples, coupons and much more. Calcium is definitely an important part of our dietary requirement, so to get your free samples plus..., click here!

K-Pak Sun Therapy sample. The latest hair care research reveals that the sun burns holes into the hair's surface layer, leaving hair severely damaged and dehydrated. You can now zero in on sun damage with Sun Therapy. This is a groundbreaking hair care system that fuses breakthrough Hydroxy Sun complex with Joico's exclusive Quadramine Complex to fill the holes the sun burns into the hair's cuticle. It repairs the damage, so your hair is healthier and stronger. To get your free sample,
click here!

Glucerna Shakes multi-pack. They will send you a coupon for a free multi-pack up to $11.00. Use the promotional code COOKING2 and it will take you to the mailing info page. To get your coupon for free glucerna shakes, click here!

Healing Garden Skin Organics reNourish Moisture Lotion. This has SPF 15 and is a wonderful lotion. It smells good, has the SPF protection you need and moisturizes your skin, leaving it soft and silky. To get your sample of reNourish lotion, click here!

Tylenol Rapid Release Gel sample from Wal-Mart. These provide you with powerful extra-strength relief in a fast-releasing form. They're proven to deliver quick relief of even your toughest headache pain. They also work on muscle aches, backache, arthritis minor pain, toothache and menstrual cramps. To get your free sample of fast-working pain relief from Tylenol, click here!

Acid Free printable coupon and rebate. This is a $1.00 coupon off a 20 tablet or larger package and a $3.00 rebate off a 20 tablet or larger package. With the coupon off and the rebate, you are practically getting it free (at least at some stores). This is a safe, fast and all natural product that relieves heartburn before or after meals. it is sodium free, aluminum free and calcium rich and is safe for children to take as well. To get your coupon and rebate,
click here!

South Beach Diet Sweet Nut Creations bar sample. These are really good - they have peanuts, peanut butter, a lot of yummy ingredients (our daughter really likes these, and that says a lot). To get your free sample of a tasty, nutritious bar, click here!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment sample. This product is great for so many things: dry, cracked skin; diaper rash; irritation from nursing, etc. It is very soothing and really helps in so many ways. To get your sample of healing ointment,
click here!

Coldstone Creamery free creation for your birthday. Just sign up for their birthday club (quite painless) and you get a coupon to take to one of their locations for a free creation. These are really good - not just a generic sundae or anything like that. To get a special treat on your birthday, click here!

Dear Abby Health Information Kit free from the FDA. The kit includes more than a dozen free materials. They have info on food safety, reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol, etc. To get this free, useful info, click here!

2007 Arthritis Today Drug Guide. This is a free guide that has information on medications you may be currently taking, newly approved drugs or drugs you would simply like to know more about. It also includes information on the newest approved biologics and updates on the FDA's recently added NSAID warnings. To get your free guide,
click here!

Oodles of free catalogs. There are clothing and shoe catalogs, collectables, hobbies, you name it. To get as many free catalogs as your mailbox will hold, click here!

Valpak coupons. Free local, retail, grocery, entertainment and other coupons for the area you live in. These are great and you don't have to wait for them to come in the mail. Going to their website gives you so many more options than in a mailer. To get some great coupons on groceries or stores that you already visit, click here!

Today's Diet & Nutrition complimentary 1 year subscription. Just enter the promotional code FREETDN (it has to be in all caps) and you get a year free. They have info about health, nutrition, fitness and recipes. To get some great info for free, for a full year, click here!

Smile Box free e-cards. You can include your photos and videos plus your own music. They have some really adorabale designs for you to use and they also let you send a scrapbook for free. To give a really special personalized e-card, click here!

Orajel coupons free for taking short survey. This has been a leading product in helping tooth pain, babies teething pain, canker sores, etc. This is a very short survey and they will send you coupons. To get your Orajel coupons,
click here!

Nestle Good Starts Mother's Day Gift. You can go to this link after May 7th and get a free gift for Mother's Day. They also have the Very Best Baby Resource Center, which you can sign up for and get up to $319.00 in savings and offers for free. They give you checks for Nestle Good Starts formula, exclusive partner offers and personalized booklets and e-mails. To get in on both of these great offers, click here!

All you can eat at the American Legion Post #346 in Farmington, Michigan on Memorial Day, May 28. If you live in the area, this is a great deal for you - get together with your family and friends and celebrate Memorial Day. To go to their website,
click here!

Free prescription savings card from TogetherRx. Prescription drugs are so costly anymore, that we could all use a little extra help to keep the cost down. They have 4 requirements: legal resident of the US, not eligible for Medicare/Medicaid, income less than $30,000 for a single person and no other prescription drug coverage of any kind. To get this great deal,
click here!

Software giveaway of the day - Features a different title every day. These are about $20.00 regular price, so what a deal!. For your free software,
click here!

Game giveaway of the day - Features a different game every day. They have arcade, puzzle and action games. For your free game,
click here!

Lutheran Hour Ministries free booklets. These are help topics and booklets. They have everything from Alzheimer's to cancer to renewing the romance in your marriage. There is definitely a topic for everyone. To get your free booklets to help you with needs or questions that you have, click here!

Bible Bookmark samples for kids. These are really cute and they have boxes that can be checked when they have read different passages. To get cute and useful bible bookmarks for your kids,
click here!

Free 10 minute calling card from This is a global calling card - you can call anywhere - and there are no strings attached. They will e-mail you with the pin # and info and you're ready to start making calls. To get your free 10 minute calling card, click here!

Free phone number and voice mail from Private Phone. This is through Net Zero and is the greatest thing. When I signed up they only had a New York area code available, now they have a few more (which is fine, because with Vonage your area code doesn't have to be in your actual geographical location). You can have a phone number to give out for freebies, sweepstakes entries and to people that you don't want to have your actual phone number. They will get your voice mail (you record your own greeting) and you can check messages online or by calling the number. I have this and it is a real lifesaver. They send you e-mail or mobile phone notifications of messages that you get, so you know right away. To get this great deal, click here!

Free Online Language Courses from the BBC. This is a great opportunity to learn another language (or two or three...) and do it at your own pace. They give you correct pronunciation, helpful phrases, etc. I don't know of anyone who couldn't use this - I want to teach our daughter French, so this may be just the way to do it. To get your free online language courses,
click here!

Nature Zone Pet Samples. These are for turtles, iguanas, geckos, etc. I always think of the Geico ads with their cute little gecko, anyway, to get your free pet samples,
click here!

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