Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sherri's Helpful Hints

Other Uses for Everyday Household Items


Keep ski goggles from fogging up. Spray the inside of the lens with Endust, then wipe clean.

Oil a squeaky door. Lubricate the hinges with Endust.

Prevent stains on kitchen drain boards. Coat rubber drain board trays with a light coat of Endust.

Sweep up dust and dirt with ease. Spray the bristles of your broom or mop with Endust before sweeping.

Prevent water spots and soap scum on shower walls and doors. Coat the tile walls with Endust and wipe clean.

Make cleaning grease splatters on the wall behind the stove easier. Spray the clean, painted wall behind your stove with a generous coat of Endust and buff well. Future grease spatters can be wiped away with a dry sheet of Bounty Paper Towel.

Revitalize dull candles. Spray Endust on a cloth and wipe the candles thoroughly.

Clean brass. Use very fine steel wool sprayed with Endust.


Cure Acne. Use a cotton ball to dab Listerine on blemishes.

Use as a deodorant when in need. Listerine helps kill the bacteria that cause perspiration odor. Dab it under your arms.

Eliminate mildew odors. Wipe with full-strength Listerine.

Disinfect a washing machine at a laundromat. To avoid getting germs from another family, wipe off the surface of the machine with Listerine and add one-half cup Listerine to the wash cycle to disinfect the machine.


Shine shoes. Rub a dab of Lubriderm on each shoe and buff thoroughly.

Shave. If your run out of shaving cream, slather on Lubriderm.

Sooth a sunburn. After soaking or compresses, smooth on some bath oil. Then moisturize with Lubriderm.

Remove a ring stuck on a finger. Apply Lubriderm around the ring band and slide the ring off.

Slip on rubber gloves. Apply Lubriderm before putting on rubber gloves. The heat from washing dishes will also help the moisturizing hand cream melt in.

Prevent hangnails. Moisturize your cuticles daily. Rub Lubriderm into the flesh surrounding your nails to keep the area soft.

Prevent dry skin in a steam-heated or air-conditioned room. Use extra Lubriderm. Steam heat and air conditioning dry skin.

Eliminate static cling. Rub a dab of Lubriderm into your hands until it disappears, then rub your palms over your panty hose or slip.

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